Victorian Fashion Makes a Return

Words and images by Emily Underwood

Laced corsets. Embroidered skirts. Dark fabrics. All give an air of elegance and mystery. One can imagine a Victorian lady in all the sophistication of the 1800’s fashion era. Except it’s not the 19th century, it’s a new fashion label that’s opened in Australia called Dark Thorn Clothing by designer Tori-Anne Gill. Inspired by timeless Victorian garments, the label has come a long way since its beginnings in 2013, when the designs were inspired by punk rock and vintage elements.


With special thanks to Girl About Town, Everything Adelaide was invited to the launch of Tori-Anne’s pop up boutique on Level 1, Adelaide Central Plaza, to view her exciting collection ‘New Moon’. I did not know what to expect from a modern clothing store that was inspired by a past era. Being a fan of timeless fashion and often wishing that modern clothing incorporated more vintage ideas, I was definitely full of anticipation. My expectations were exceeded as soon as I walked into the boutique and set my gaze upon the various garments that were on offer!

Torri-Anne was excited to talk about her origins, what influenced her designs and where she sees the label going. As we sipped champagne and nibbled on cupcakes (that were just as elegantly designed as the clothes!) Torri Anne told me that she is a country girl at heart, she creates her designs from home and with every new design she feels her clothes grow in uniqueness. Her clothes are all Australian-made and will be staying that way indefinitely. I noticed how different the garments are from anything else, yet they are still versatile and able to be worn in many different ways.

Evocative dresses, skirts, coats and bodysuits adorned the clothing racks, all obviously feminine and well- tailored before even being tried on. Items such as the ‘Mina Coat’ and the ‘Edith Blouse’ stood out to me as examples of the genius yet understated design that Tori-Anne has implemented. ‘Dark Beauty’ are two words I would associate with the style of all the clothes: they are dark and bold, yet still have a defined effeminate beauty about them. After seeing the designs for women, I formed the idea that a men’s label might also be a possibility. Torri Anne hinted that this might be an idea for the future, much to my excitement. Whatever she decides to do, I am sure we will be seeing more incredible artistry in her designs and her future work being noticed by designers and buyers Australia-wide.

Dark Thorn Clothing is open between the 22nd of February until the 21st of March.

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