Buried At Sea

Imagine that you’ve been told to resemble a distant relative… But, not just any ordinary relative. Your great, great uncle who fought in and sacrificed his life in Gallipoli. Now, think of digging into the history of his life and ending up intertwined in a frustrating adventure that ends in a satisfying closure-themed play. That’s … Continue reading Buried At Sea


'Interesting' is certainly the word that comes to mind after walking out of Henrietta's at The Henry Austin once witnessing the cabaret/theatre performance titled Petrasexual. Deemed to be a performance entirely based around sex, relationships and sexuality, this show is certainly not for those that shy away from such topics. Star of the show, Petra … Continue reading Petrasexual

Sonder: for an audience of one

It may be difficult to believe, but the process of bed making is surprisingly quite a therapeutic process. This semi-regular household task that some often loathe has been transformed into a creative and enjoyable one-on-one performance at this year’s Adelaide Fringe titled Sonder. Sonder [adj.]: The realisation that each random passerby is living a life … Continue reading Sonder: for an audience of one