The Vaudevillians ft. The Shuffle Brothers

Walking into the Spiegel Zelt tent at 6:30pm on the dot, we were invited to a seating that featured the audience facing the centre and sides of the stage. Luck would have it that the front two chairs directly facing the stage were vacant.

I instantly thought “great, I’m going to get picked on heaps – don’t know if I’m ready for this!” Fortunately, I had a friend who came along with me and gave me the confidence to “just take the leap”, so there we were, at the mercy of The Vaudevillians.

While I had zero knowledge of what to expect from the show, I really wished the show was longer than 50 minutes, because time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Starting with a black and white silent film, the stage was brought to life through the dazzling lights and the powerful voice of showstopper Zan Kermond. Although, it is important not to discount the rest of the cast, which is made of the beautiful lady star with an equally appropriate name – Briden Starr, the ginger extraordinaire (with a sultry English accent) Andrew Freeborn, and the ridiculously charming Dylan Mahoney who is pretty much as goofy and clumsy as myself!

Directed by Wayne Scott Kermond and Mashum Liberta, the show is jampacked with an entertaining fusion of the classics, coupled with the much loved modern rock songs. Of course, originality and creativity flow through the many stages of this show, which is always a bonus as it shows the amount of dedication and hard work that was put into the making of this show. The cast is multi-talented and able to create a visually appealing performance, through the use of eye-catching costumes, voices that leave you in a trance of happiness and joy, and tap dancing that almost made me want to join them (albeit fail miserably) but give my dancing shoes a real workout!


The show is full of enthusiasm and energy, so you can be rest assured that the 50 minutes of the show are all used up in an efficient manner. The cast members incorporate several themes – music, comedy, cabaret, and performing arts – all of which satisfy the many loved aspects of the Adelaide Fringe. Expect “lots of buffoonery” and subtle yet hilarious innuendos that you won’t be able to help but crack out with laughter. As the audience, you will feel a wave of emotions, which is in response to the beautiful balance of soulful components from Zan’s touching tribute to Charlie Chaplin with the raw components from everyday life occurrences that are eloquently displayed through drama, on top of the “showtunes”-style dancing and singing that pretty much set the scene of enjoying a drink at a rodeo bar somewhere in countryside Texas. The show ends with a fantastic number with the guys and gal dressed up as nuns. But, I won’t give that away – you’ll just have to visit and watch the show for yourselves to find out more!


The Vaudevillians will be performing at Gluttony (Spiegel Zelt tent) as part of the Adelaide Fringe season.

Overall rating: ★★★★★

Book your tickets by following the link here

You can connect with the group via their social media platforms: Facebook // Instagram.

– Details –

Dates: Feb 23 – March 19

Venue: Spiegel Zelt – Gluttony

Rymill Park/Murlawirrapurka, Cnr East Tce & Rundle Rd, Adelaide, 5000, SA

Price range:  $22 – $39.50



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