Abandoman: One Shot

All the way from Ireland, hip hop improv duo from Abandoman: One Shot are taking this year’s Adelaide Fringe by storm with one interactive rap at a time. It’s fair to say this duo have some talent up their sleeve having performed to over 10,000 people at the Edinburgh Fringe as well as traveled across Europe on tour and if that wasn’t enough they were also the support act for Ed Sheeran’s UK tour!

With special thanks to our friends from Eventalaide, Everything Adelaide was able to witness the staggering, entertaining Abandoman at their best.

The show has no added fireworks or tricks but simply two talented men, their microphones and guitar piano, a projector and a smoke machine. Unlike comedy shows that usually pick on audience members who sit in the front row, Abandoman interacts with nearly everyone in the audience regardless of where they are sitting. He takes a well written story line about his lost family relations and places you into the picture. His edgy style, humorous persona and the ability to create quick-paced raps leaves audiences with sore stomachs, instant abs and wanting more.

The fantastic asset about interactive, improvisational shows is how each performance is never entirely the same, which adds a unique touch to every night. If there’s one show you do not want to miss this Fringe season, it’s Abandoman: One Shot.

Overall rating: ★★★★

Thanks again to Eventalaide for the invite!

– Details –

Dates: Feb 26 – March 5

Family Friendly: YES
Coarse Language: Mild
Sexual References: Mild
Age Suitability: M

For more details be sure to click here


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