Buried At Sea

Imagine that you’ve been told to resemble a distant relative… But, not just any ordinary relative. Your great, great uncle who fought in and sacrificed his life in Gallipoli. Now, think of digging into the history of his life and ending up intertwined in a frustrating adventure that ends in a satisfying closure-themed play. That’s... Continue Reading →


Anna Morris: Its got to be Perfect!

Everyone loves a good wedding, though perhaps no one as much as bride-to-be Georgina played by Anna Morris in the Adelaide Fringe show 'It's Got to be Perfect!' The performance acts as your exclusive invite to the wedding rehearsal - no, of course not an invite to the actual wedding of the century as there... Continue Reading →


'Interesting' is certainly the word that comes to mind after walking out of Henrietta's at The Henry Austin once witnessing the cabaret/theatre performance titled Petrasexual. Deemed to be a performance entirely based around sex, relationships and sexuality, this show is certainly not for those that shy away from such topics. Star of the show, Petra... Continue Reading →

Adelaide’s own Amos Gill

Mostly known for his role as Adelaide breakfast host on Hit107, Amos Gill is also a hilarious comedian that is intensely candid, far more uncensored and even more relatable during his performances. Most of his material related to places and events surrounding our little yet eventful city of Adelaide and state of South Australia. While... Continue Reading →

Boys that can Sing – Pretty Boys

Words by Emily Underwood What do you get when you mix the Russian Mafia with A Capella? An outrageous, dynamic and witty musical story by the name of ‘Pretty Boys’. Fans of A Capella, an energetic music genre that has gained significant popularity in recent years, will be enthralled by this comedy which sees an... Continue Reading →

Matt Tarrant – Honestly Dishonest

Being frankly honest can often be very difficult, though perhaps not for Matt Tarrant - a unique magician at this year's Adelaide Fringe. Beginning the show with the phrase “Magic sucks” is probably not something the audience at a magic show wants to hear. Alas, Tarrant quickly finds us understanding why he feels this way... Continue Reading →

Feel the Heat at Fuego Carnal

For those that desire to be a little more daring this Adelaide Fringe season, consider witnessing circus performance act Fuego Carnal. The show combines incredible acrobatics, burlesque, street-performance stunts and dangerous performances all with the use of fire - of Fuego in Spanish. Having interviewed MisSa Blue last week about her role in the show... Continue Reading →

Dragapella! starring The Kinsey Sicks

Daring, sublime, talented and overall entertaining – The Kinsey Sicks of Dragapella sure know how to please a crowd. After performing together for over 23 years and producing 9 albums, these drag queens will have you laughing and singing along to their four part harmonies for all the wrong reasons. ‘Are you looking for something... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Piano Chick

Words by Emily Underwood 'Sing us a song, you're the piano chick!!' Becky Blake, a legendary pianist with a penchant for punchy jibes about her job, has delivered a show containing hilarious commentary on the ups and downs of being a performer. Having toured internationally for over 20 years, she is well versed in stories... Continue Reading →

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