Adl Fashion Festival – Runway 1: Contemporary v Street

What a way to start the first of a sequence of fabulous runway shows as part of the 2017 Adelaide Fashion Festival (AFF) than with a bang between good old contemporary vs street style fashion. 2017 is the third consecutive year of the AFF and it’s fair to say this year is bigger than ever before.

The runway was a showcase of modern and innovative South Australian design featuring Acler, The Daily Edited, METAPHOR, Sylvy Earl, Naomi Murrell, Cinquante, Stephanie Chehade, Binny, Katya Komarova, Simmone Standing the Label, Alpha Be, Lexi, Julie White, Pari, Jophiel, Autark, Millicent Elizabeth, Good Studios, The Wolf Gang and POLKACO Hats.

Prior to the runway, guests were invited to mingle in the new grounds of the AFF at the Torrens Parade Ground adjacent to King William Road in the city. In true spirit of the neon pink theme of this year’s AFF, everything (and we really do mean everything) was decked in pink and white – perfect for photos!

The lovely staff at Media Makeup and Clip Joint also attended to assist guests for makeup and hair touch-ups, which proved to be very useful.


By 6pm the doors finally opened to the runway and people excitedly began making their way into the gorgeous RSl building.

The vibe of this initial runway was most definitely edgy with some elegance and sass throughout. It was also fantastic seeing developing fashion labels such as Frio the label, Alpha-Be and Katya Komarova walk the runway in front of over 300 attendees.


Katya Komarova
Alpha-Be x Frio


Without a doubt, the label that seemed to stun the crowd from their bold style and attitude was METAPHOR. Just when we thought the runway was over, the music dimmed and edgy, storm-like music began to play.

One by one the models appeared from backstage all wearing white clothing but in different attire that was almost a mix between unisex and sci-fi. It was certainly a statement label to end the first run of a series of fashion runways to come.



Special thanks to Jennings Media for the photography.


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