Oktoberfest in the Gardens 2017 Recap

After touching down in Adelaide for the first time last year, Oktoberfest in the Gardens decided to return to South Oz over the weekend (October 7th). As we attended last year’s German-filled event also, we were interested to see how Oktoberfest has changed it up for 2017. DSC_1261


In comparison to 2016, there seemed to be a larger amount of people as the Adelaide Showgrounds was completely packed by 4pm when the event began at 2.

We enjoyed the different range of food vans in comparison to last year, especially the waffles on a stick van and foot-long German sausages with every topping imaginable!

Live bands and DJs entertained the crowd throughout the hot Spring day of twenty-six degrees and encouraged people to dance while enjoying their beer.



The silent disco made an apparent return, and we’re glad it did! Besides the long line up to get in, the disco where everyone is given headphones and three different track lists, it’s easy to dance for hours on end without noticing.

Attendees of the event weren’t shy to dress up either, some men even changed it up a bit and wore women’s dresses. The new gaming attraction was also a crowd favourite and kept attendees entertained in a different way along with a photo booth and bubble soccer arena!



Special thanks once again for Oktoberfest in the Gardens for having us!


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