Welcome to The Style Establishment

O’Connell Street at North Adelaide now has a new fashion residency, The Style Establishment, that is bound to become a fantastic hub for high-end brands.  After first establishing themselves as an online boutique, The Style Establishment has a new home on O’Connell Street at North Adelaide!

Everything Adelaide was super excited to attend the VIP launch of The Style Est. and get a feel of the new store for ourselves – and we weren’t disappointed!

The store is lit with large clear windows overlooking the road outside while the inside is rich with fabulous gowns, outfits and attire to suit functions and events. With the AFF just around the corner, we were keen to search through the racks of outfits to perhaps buy a new outfit on the night.


By looking at TSE’s social media pages, it’s evident that small retail business has a strong online presence. However, the step to managing a retail store will push the brand further through reaching more customers.

The VIP evening was full of chatter among friends and those who may have only just met each other. Guests were also spoiled with an oversized and well decorated food table as well as some light beverages.


Fair to say we will certainly be returning to TSE after our spring clean and before AFF in search of new outfits!

Location: 15 O’Connell Street North Adelaide


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