Sushi Planet’s New Location at Modbury

Sushi lovers now have a new place to hang out after work, school or in between meeting as Sushi Planet has now opened at Modbury! Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or a true sushi-enthusiast who loves every kind of sushi there is, Sushi Planet truly has a fantastic range of dishes for all types of tastebuds.

At least week’s event held by Sushi Planet and Adelaide Food Central, guests were spoilt with a large range of dishes from the new menu including salmon nigiri, sashimi and chargrilled skewers.


For me I felt slightly out of place only because of my lack of skill at using chopsticks. Thankfully though, the staff were incredibly friendly and handed me a fork with a smile.

To our surprise, we were pleased to discover the new menu also includes beverages and cocktails! A trio of sweet fruity spritzers were on offer to try – the delicious pink berry was our personal favourite.


The sushi joint itself is covered in wooden décor and has selected seating areas that allow room for large groups of 4 to 6. Being a part of a shopping centre also, it’s the perfect destination for a quick one-stop lunch or quick meal if you’re on the go or become hungry while shopping.

Special thanks to Adelaide Food Central for the invite.

Location: 15/954 North East Road, Modbury



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