It’s Par-Tee Time at Holey Moley!

Words and images by Stephanie Babiak.

There’s just something about mini golf (also known as putt putt) that is always fun. Tiny novelty set ups just have universal appeal, regardless of whether your memories of mini golf are mostly around rousing successes and multiple holes-in-one, or more along the lines of slowly battering a tiny ball in circles endlessly as the hole somehow evaded you. As a result, when Everything Adelaide was invited to attend the opening of Holey Moley on August the 2nd, our expectations were pretty high.

How does one describe Holey Moley? Certainly the amalgamation of bar meets mini golf. And no, that’s not a joke. Holey Moley is the new place to be on Pulteney Street in the CBD. Combining cocktails and putt putt may seem like the invention of a madman, but if so it’s the good kind of crazy scientist at work. Holey Moley boasts an 18-hole putt putt course and a bar that will make your alcohol-loving heart sing. The appropriately decorated and named “Caddyshack Bar” offers a range of drinks to suit any and every taste, sophisticated and overgrown kid alike.

The opening of Holey Moley was something else. Walking down the red carpet, we were greeted by amazingly friendly staff and lead onto a staircase covered in AstroTurf (as you do) and told to follow the yellow brick road up top. Make sure you look up as you enter, or else you might miss the whack-a-moles just casually hanging from the ceiling. Stepping over the threshold, we were immediately graced with balls, clubs, a cute scorecard on a lanyard complete with teeny tiny pen, and a cocktail that brought back all my Grade 4 candy daydreams. The party was in full swing with the venue packed with over 250 people “putt”ing away, hanging by the bar or swaying to the DJ’s picks under the multiple shiny disco balls.


Holey Moley has a vibe all of its own. It’s difficult to say whether it comes from the funky attention to detail, like the quirky decorations including random taxidermy animals (again, as you do), or the amazing putt putt course itself, complete with a Game of Thrones throne made of clubs, or whether it’s just the amazingly friendly and enthusiastic staff who genuinely just seem to want to make sure you’re having an awesome time.



Whatever it is that makes the combination work, it does. The place gives off a fun and friendly vibe that’s hard to beat. With two nine-hole courses offering everything from “Baby’s Got Pac” to “742 Evergreen Terrace”, it’s hard not to smile as you make your way around. As we left, we were granted one final grin as the staff handed us golden golf balls to remember them by. The potential puns were endless.


The new party-hub brings something Adelaide needs more of: a place for those of us who want to do adult things, like go out for drinks, but who are secretly giant kids and want to do nostalgic and silly things, like play putt putt. Personally, I can’t wait to come back.

Holey Moley is located at 162-170 Pulteney St, Adelaide. It’s open from 12pm-12am most days, excepting Friday when it opens a little later until 2am. Bookings are recommended. Party (Par-Tee) Packages are also available.



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