SA Label Launch: Glami Glam

Words by Jackie Lymn

Last Thursday night Everything Adelaide attended the launch of a new local label, Glami Glam, provided by two Adelaide mums, Marie and Franca. The aim of the label is to offer retail shoes, clothing and individually designed and meticulously crafted hand bags and fashion accessories for the average South Aussie woman.


The ladies came up with the idea for Glami Glam back in 2014, while catching up for a coffee after school pick-up, and discussing their disdain for their current jobs. Both, however, still work full-time as well as working tirelessly to provide new and fashionable clothes for their neighbours, friends and nation-wide customers. Marie and Franca describe their vision as a desire to create a more glamorous you by assisting with whatever you need to create your own uniquely individual look.


Modeled by five beautiful girls from Diamond Models and Promotions, the clothes looked fabulous. Upon viewing a selection of their items including those which were being modelled on the night, the price tags also looked to be quite impressively affordable. These wonderful ladies really have realised their dream and have managed to provide some beautiful and reasonably priced winter and spring designer clothes for any occasion.


Sizes start from a size 8 and range up to a size 14, with the hope that every different body shape will be able to enjoy their clothing. Glami Glam hopes to dress the young and old with elegant and sophisticated styles which can be dressed up for a fancy evening at an Italian restaurant on Leigh Street, or dressed down for a casual afternoon of picnics and bubbles in the park. They’re ageless flowing tops and beautifully fitted leather pants can be worn by the “every-woman” and is incredibly easy to wear due to the high quality of the fabrics used.

The night was a fabulous display of what two local women can do with just a little ingenuity and a great idea; sparking their passion for fashion. Everything Adelaide were lucky enough to be part of their journey as they climb their way to the top. You might just be looking at a few of Adelaide’s premier fashionistas in the years to come… Stay tuned!


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