Calèche Bridal’s La Bohème Collection Launch

Words and images by Stephanie Babiak

The words “wedding planning” are used often enough to make any bride-to-be break out into a cold sweat. This seems counter-intuitive since weddings are meant to be celebrations rather than stress-inducing manic circuses. The part that is probably most stressful, yet ironically also meant to be the most fun, is choosing your dress. Fortunately, Adelaide-based couture bridal label Calèche has an easy solution in the form of their new La Bohème collection. With an incredible variety of stunning dresses, Calèche’s collection puts the fun and wonder back into dress shopping. Everything Adelaide was lucky enough to be invited along for the launch on Wednesday July 19th.

Calèche has credentials to make any Adelaide fan smile with fondness. They’ve been operating since 1973 and have been at their current premises, 43-45 Chapel Street in Norwood, since 1984. Calèche is definitely a family affair, clear by the way one of the owners, Eric Foubert, talks enthusiastically about his parents’ work in establishing the business all those years ago. In fact, one of Eric’s daughters was involved in the modelling of the new collection at the launch. In such a competitive industry, it’s refreshing to see such genuine passion and family values. Designer, Elizabeth Foubert, similarly brings a focus that will appeal to Adelaide brides. Her new collection is tailored specifically to the Adelaide set. She believes that brides here are different from anywhere else – they are in some ways more conservative, but also starting to push the boundaries more. In Liz’s own words, they are “elegant, yet carefree and in love with life”. As a consequence, the new collection brings a mix of traditional and edgy.

The La Bohème collection features twenty-seven dresses (and before you ask, the number was entirely coincidental rather than an intentional nod to the cheesy Rom/Com), six of which are exclusive pieces. What is perhaps most exciting about the collection is the sheer range it provides. There is a mix of lace and other fabrics, with silhouettes to suit any tastes.


What stood out for me among the stunning gowns in the collection was the attention to detail. Each dress that swished down the runway moved beautifully. Elements of “bling” were never tacky, but rather seemed to blend fluently with the fabric in such a way that you only even realised it was there when it caught the light and sparkled brilliantly. The different textures and fabrics all worked seamlessly together. Sheer underlays hidden behind lace ensured that everything always looked effortlessly classy, and perhaps most impressive was the detailing in the back sections of the gowns.



Considering majority of the time an audience will be looking at the back of a bride, Calèche has used this fact to create another element of interest in their dresses. It’s this kind of thought that makes their collections so unique.

The La Bohème is nothing short of stunning. As someone who professes to be “terminally single”, it was almost enough to make me want to run out and find the nearest sucker to marry me just so I could strut down the aisle in all that elegance and wonder. If you’re an Adelaide bride-to-be, then you definitely need to check it out.



The La Bohème collection is available for viewing by appointment only. Bookings can be made at


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