Benefits of BookBook Online

Lately we have been promoting online booking system BookBook Online and a lot of people have been asking us about the differences and benefits of making digital reservations rather than through the phone.

The wonderful asset of BookBook is that it has a range of benefits for both the customer and management team when it comes to reservations.

For the customer, the benefits of booking online run fairly parallel to booking on the phone as they include being able to book in advance, the time of day and number of people attending the reservation.

For the organisation, however, the list of benefits is somewhat longer. If you’ve worked in hospitality or customer service before, you may know that certain situations can become quite chaotic very quickly. Thankfully, BookBook makes things so much easier as all reservations are online and ready to go, making it simple to see what is free and what is booked out.

By booking online through BookBook, restaurants such as hotels, bistros and buffets can plan ahead and organise their seating plan more thoroughly in order to suit their bookings and walk-in traffic.

Another efficient aspect of BookBook Online is that companies can also keep track of who has paid for function deposits (if necessary) as well as which areas have been booked out for the night.

Our last BookBook reservation was at The Crafers Hotel – a lovely family friendly restaurant and hotel in the Adelaide hills that was established in 1839. We were early to our 6pm dinner reservation but the friendly staff members seated us accordingly. Once seated, I could certainly tell the staff had planned for their busy Saturday night and organised tables very well as large families of 5 or more people were seated or groups of 6 or more.


As for the food, the dining experience was fantastic as we didn’t have to wait long to receive our meals that also tasted great when it arrived. Perhaps the fish could have had a little more pepper on it but if that’s our only critique, we’re certainly happy customers.

For your next reservation, why not try BookBook? The list of restaurants that have the BookBook widget on their websites include Crafers Hotel, 2KW Bar and Restaurant, Coriole, Alere and more.

Visit the BookBook Online website for further information and make your next reservation.


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