Boss Babes Opens at Bayside Village

Words and images by Alessia Scriva

In Glenelg’s newly renovated Bayside Shopping Village, Boss Babes Inc. have opened a lavish beauty co-op workspace designed to be a one of a kind ‘powerhouse salon’. Boss Babes Inc. offers every beauty service imaginable including hair and eyelash extensions, waxing, cosmetic injectables, spray tanning, nails, professional make up, clothing hire and even wedding planning, all under one roof!



The business officially opened its doors on Saturday June 10th, offering 10% to customers on all services offered that the workspace. The goal of Boss Babes is to provide a space where the beauty entrepreneurs of Adelaide can work together and empower each other by building and sharing clientele to grow their individual businesses.

To celebrate the grand opening of Boss Babes Inc., Everything Adelaide were invited to attend a glamorous black tie event at the beauty work space. Upon entering the space, the large beaming lights that spelt out ‘BOSS’ lit up the entrance to the room, while the ‘palm springs chic’ décor gave the room a luxurious feel. The all white space sported splashes of baby pink and gold, all brought to life by the abstract chandelier that took the spotlight. Guests were invited to indulged in their choice of wine or champagne while nibbling at the perfectly crafted antipasto spread.


While the guests mingled over a drink, they were welcomed to explore the luxurious rooms within the workspace. The polished white exteriors were varnished with fur throwovers, vibrant coloured cushions and top of the range beauty products, each room crafted for a particular beauty service.

To end the night the guests were offered gift bags that consisted of all things beauty, a mini manicure pack, a set of false eyelashes, and a selections of business cards and discounts for services at Boss Babes Inc.

Special thanks to She Means Business Events for the invite and for organising the event.


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