The Oxford Hotel Winter Menu X Dave Court Art Expo

Located five minutes from the Adelaide CBD, The Oxford Hotel invites you to eat out this winter season to try their new winter menu, not to mention also view their new street-style décor.


Created by Head Chef, Symon Conway-Lyden, the menu is described as bold, exciting and delicious – everything you look for in a new menu.

Conway-Lyden says, “I’m inspired by Adelaide’s chilly wintertime and wanted the new dishes to embrace both local and international food trends, whilst using fresh homegrown produce.

“Oozing irresistible flavours, our mushroom and feta Arancini Balls will have you returning for more. Cooked to golden perfection and topped with onion jam-jam and aoli, this dish will definitely be a crowd pleaser,” says Symon Conway-Lyden.

“The passionate and hardworking staff at The Oxford Hotel ensure our delicious menu is brought to our customers with the uttermost care, ensuring they return hungry to try more.”

Everything Adelaide was given the opportunity to try some of the dishes for ourselves, and we can certainly confirm the menu has reached its prime aims.

First we tried the Italian aranchini balls that were perfectly round, crispy and well seasoned, though we would’ve loved some more cheese inside. As we ate, we admired the abstract and interesting art of Dave Court, whose style involves a lot of colour and random shapes.



Unsurprisingly, the standout dish of the night for us was the cheesecake with blueberry. The bite-size servings had us going back for seconds, thirds and even forths due to the smooth texture and flavoursome taste of sweet cheese.


Warm yourself by an open fire, share a meal with loved ones, and gaze at the unique art by Dave Court this winter season.

As always, special thanks to Girl About Town for the invite.


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