Hearts on Fire diamond exhibition

Words and images by Rachael Sia

Early last Friday morning, Everything Adelaide was invited to dine in at Mount Lofty House to start the day with breakfast and diamonds – a unique and great combination. The event showcased the new Hearts on Fire Diamond Exhibition Launch provided by Graham’s Jewelers.

It’s not everyday that you’re offered a breakfast of truffles on eggs, bubbly and be surrounded by diamonds. Breakfast was provided by the Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant and beautiful jewellery courtesy of Graham’s Jewellers.


Graham’s hearts on fire diamonds are the only diamonds that are “The Most Perfectly Cut Diamond In The World”. When buying a diamond, there are the ‘5 C’s’ to consider: Colour, Carat, Clarity, Confidence and Cut. The cut is arguably the most important as it affects the brilliance of a diamond; the better the cut the more sparkly the diamond.

Throughout the morning, we had the privilege to play around with the million dollar diamonds and feel like a million dollars ourselves.


Mount Lofty House and Graham’s Jewellers are hosting a giveaway where if you are one of the first 150 Guests to Book their Hearts On Fire Package, you go into the draw to win a $5000 Hearts on Fire Diamond Ring! The package includes overnight accommodation, $200 dining credit at the Hardy’s Verandah and a marshmallow roasting session in the lounge at the open fire. If you’re looking to treat a special someone, this is the perfect get away.


Special thanks to the lovely staff of both Graham’s and Mount Lofty House for the beautiful morning, and Be Young PR for organising the whole event.


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