Care for a winter cocktail at 2kw?

Winter has officially hit Adelaide, but that’s no reason to stay warm and cooped up in bed – even though that’s not entirely a bad idea! The cold tends to make us hide and stray away from the festivities happening in town, but when you visit a rooftop bar like 2KW with views that are spellbinding, cocktails that feel like a warm hug, and food that is good for the soul, then there’s a good reason to brave the frosty weather and let the team at 2KW give you winter warmers of the best kind!

For food, customers can expect to enjoy a delightful selection of dishes. We sampled the likes of cream corn polenta, which is served with speck, mushroom and chestnut. This dish had a burst of strong and subtle flavours that balanced each other out nicely and the polenta melted in our mouths graciously. We also tried the Basa Gede blood sausage with cauliflower and herb sauce. The meat was succulent and the cauliflower and herb sauce brought out the tanginess in its flavours. There’s also the charcuterie platter that is served with roasted Jerusalem artichoke puree, lemon gel, walnut and quince. The sweet and salty flavours of this dish brought out a character of versatility, so there’s a bit of everything for everyone.

Looking at the booze selection, we kick it off with the Ladies Who Lunch, named in honour of the ever so colorful Burnside ladies who brunch at 2KW. A beautiful infusion of Gin, sherry, and Beerenberg Plum Jam, this drink is bound to give you the much needed buzz and guarantees an infectious laugh. This is a drink that is so likeable and beautiful to look at (and sip on), you won’t want to leave the bar without trying it.


Next up is Donny’s Pink Pants, which was an amalgamation of pomegranate, strawberry and lime. Certainly a strong drink, the salt garnish around the rim of the glass carefully balances the intensity of this drink to give you something that is full of character and vigor.


We also had the Vencermos #2, which is a blend of coconut rum, agave, pineapple and sesame, garnished with a cucumber slice. Whether you’ve visited some beautiful tropical islands or are craving a getaway to the Caribbean, this drink will refresh your tastebuds with the fresh cucumber flavour, coupled with the ever so flirty infusion of pineapple and agave.

Saving the best for last was The Bon Scott, which is a combination of warmed spiced whiskey, Apple, spiced syrup, and butter. Named after ACDC’s legendary front man, The Bon Scott is the answer to all the cold and bitterly winter nights that await us. Prepared with a beautiful mix of ingredients that is bound to make you put on your finest dancing shoes, the minds behind this creation want their customers to feel like they are getting a warm snuggly hug, which is exactly what we felt like while sipping on it towards the end of the night.


Given that there is lots of natural lighting and room for the high rise building winds to give you the chill, 2KW has you covered (literally!), through their efficiently designed marquees that are decorated with fairy lights, super soft cushions, and blankets, so you can enjoy the views, the drinks, and the food in a space that might as well remind you of the comforts of your own home!

Rain, hail, or shine, 2KW can be your ideal spot to enjoy a romantic date, a catch up with your girlfriends, a boys night or to simply enjoy the gorgeous experience provided by our favourite city-based rooftop bar and restaurant!

Special thanks to the team at Sassafras PR and 2KW for their hospitality at this auspicious event.


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