50 years of Marcellina Pizza

Words by Alessia Scriva

In 1967, Marcellina Pizza opened its doors as the first traditional Italian pizzeria in South Australia. 50 years later, the restaurant has maintained its authentic menu and traditional flavours, providing its customers with good, hearty, local produce, made with love.

To celebrate an astounding 50 years since the opening of Marcellina pizzeria, we spent a night in at the Hindley street restaurant to indulge in everything Italian!

In the restaurant’s far dining room sat an elegant antipasto spread filled with pizza toppings including red peppers, salami, olives and a few different types of cheese (que mouth watering). The long dining table was set to perfection for 30 eagerly waiting guests to see what the event had in store for them.


The alluring aroma of red wine gave the restaurant a purely authentic Italian atmosphere. As the soothing sounds of Dean Martin’s ‘That’s Amore’ filled the air, guests were offered a casual glass of wine prior to the commencement of the event.

Soon after, each guest was provided with their own pizza base, to which we were invited to use the antipasto ingredients provided to make our own Italian pizzas. Now it was time to get creative!

We carefully spread the traditional passata sauce over the base (as if we had some kind of idea what we were doing), followed by a “little bit” of cheese. Wanting to experience a burst of flavours, I had to have a little bit of everything. Salami, cheese, ham, olives, capsicum…more cheese! Founder of Everything Adelaide, Carina Stathis, also uniquely decided to create a grape pizza which was noticed and rewarded by the cooks and owners!

Once the waiters had taken our pizzas into the oven, we continued to indulge in the endless antipasto spread as we mingled over a glass of wine, eagerly awaiting our pizza. We were very surprised and delighted to find that the pizzas were cooked between ten and fifteen minutes, and my oh my the results were fantastic!


The aroma of fresh bread and melted cheese intensifying our anticipation. As I took my first bite, there was no denying the freshness of the produce – the pizza was cooked to perfection and the pleasure of knowing I made majority of it myself made it taste even better.

To celebrate the family owned and operated business that has carried on over the past 50 years, Marcellina is selling their original pizza for 80 cents each on Monday June 5th! Don’t miss out!

Special thanks to Sassafras PR for the invite to the event, always a pleasure!

Location: 273 Hindley St, Adelaide


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