Lululemon sports apparel hits Rundle Mall

If you’re a super sporty gym junkie, you’d be happy to hear that the international brand Lululemon has launched a store in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall! From ceiling to floor, the newly opened store is filled with mens and womens active wear, sporty photography photos, glazing white walls and a creative piece of art that displays a flatlay of the city of Adelaide and its streets.


To celebrate the store’s grand opening, Everything Adelaide was invited to attend a VIP yoga class at Power Living located down Halifax Street in the city following a small breakfast and exclusive welcoming into Lululemon half an hour before opening their doors to the public.


The early morning yoga session began at 7:30am and was a refreshing way to begin the day. The class was small and intimate with around twelve people in total attending, all of which were bloggers, writers and media professionals. Guests were slowly guided through the class and were gifted with Lululemon yoga mats, gym towels and coconut water to conclude the relaxing session.

Soon after, we were guided to Rundle Mall to attend the official store launch, which everyone was super excited about! Music was playing, the staff were incredibly welcoming and the fashion style was high end and trendy. Guests also quickly found the breakfast table filled with morning toasties filled with tomato, lettuce and avocado as well as vegan fruit smoothie bowls.


We would certainly describe Lululemon’s style trend as urban and somewhat retro with great comfort. As a gift, we were given a pair of long black gym pants which have been given the title of our ‘new favourite’ active wear pants.


It’s great to see more great Australia-wide brands such as Lululemon arrive in Adelaide to give South Australians what we’re missing out on compared to other states. Fair to say that after the event, shopping took place and money was well spent.

Special thanks to The Mint Partners for the invite!


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