Westfield Marion presents Wool Week

Winter in Adelaide has been a bit temperamental, but for the most part, I think we can all agree that it is definitely getting too cold to wear singlets, summer dresses, and shorts! But, fret not, because the autumn-winter transition brings with it a beautiful shift in the fashion trend and it’s all about loving and being laced in wool!


There is so much versatility that flows from a yarn of wool – think of cozy coats, snuggly scarves, silky smooth blankets, and oversized knit jumpers – everything to keep you as warm as a pug in an ugg for the brisk and chilling winter that awaits us!

Collaborating with The Woolmark Company, Westfield Marion is running a number of events throughout the centre to celebrate the rich history of shearing in South Australia, as well as the quality products that are produced by the designers and the materials that are sourced from growers of Australian Merino wool

Held at the Westfield Marion Centre Court, the exclusive, VIP-laced event was hosted by top model Samantha Harris. Guests were treated to a showcase of the latest and trendiest in winter clothing. During the talk with Samantha, staple pieces of the monochromatic and chic styles dominated the current fashion trend cycle. She highlighted her favourites to include a bomber jacket in her wardrobe.


Overall, it was a spectacular event hosted by Girl About Town, where guests were treated to a delicious spread of platter goals by Out In The Paddock, wines by South Australian favourites – Majella Wines, cocktails by our favourite bartender – Steve the Bartender, and small but super adorable details in the decor, which included mannequins dressed in the latest and hottest winter trends, along with cute sheep showpieces that fit into the social and wooly atmosphere perfectly!

The event continues today and tomorrow, so head on down to the Mall and have a go at extreme knitting, which has been generously set up by Giant Knitting Australia

Special thanks to Girl About Town for the invite.

#westfieldmarion #woolweek @thewoolmarkcompany


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