Spaghetti Western Saloon Launch

Certainly, everyone has tasted Italian cuisine and American styled food, though I bet you’ve never had a combination of the two together in one dish. Thankfully Spaghetti Western Saloon has recently opened on King William Street in the city and is known for meeting Italy with America.

Last week, Everything Adelaide attended the launch of Spaghetti Western and gained an insight into its countryside style vibe. As you walk in through double wooden doors, you’re immediately taken away from the urban city centre to a dim wooden landscape surrounding with a bar on your right and fluorescent lighting on your left.


Soon before food began to arrive, guests were offered casual glasses of wine as the social event initiated.

For entree, guests were served crispy fried zucchini with lemon and aioli dipping sauce and Port Lincoln sardine llets with grilled ciabatta, cherry tomatoes, parsley and olive oil.

Fair to say, we now have a new fond favourite way to eat zucchini because the crispy entree was incredibly delicious – we found ourselves going back for seconds and thirds!


Next guests were guided to the upstairs seating area where second course began. Up next was Spaghetti Western’s signature veal and pork meatballs with tomato sugo, parmesan and herb bread crumbs. The meat was very tender, juicy and tasty, which is everything you hope a meatball would be. Similarly to the entree, we also found ourselves going back for more.

While we were digging into the meatballs, there was also an espresso martini tutorial being given by the professional bartenders, which were very popular among guests.


For the third course, guests then maneuvered downstairs where the tables had been set with cutlery, plates and glasses. Several dishes soon arrived hot from the kitchen, but our two favourites were definitely the homemade gnocchi with forest mushrooms, sage, parmesan, white wine and garlic and the chicken piccata with herb and parmesan crusted, white wine, capers, lemon, zucchini on top of spaghetti aglio olio.

Coming from an Italian background myself, I know what great gnocchi tastes like. In true American style of everything being quite oversized, the individual pieces of pasta were well above average and tasted incredible with that ‘melt in your mouth’ sensation.

The chicken piccata with spaghetti was also delightful and had a reasonable amount of oil added to the dish, though the chicken was a tad dry. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the dish.

By this point, everyone was full of carbs and meatballs, though we had to make room for dessert. Guests were served the largest piece of honey bourbon tiramisu you could imagine – and we weren’t complaining! The traditional Italian dish was paired with an espresso syrup along with dutch cocoa powder and was flavoursome with the bourbon liquor.

Special thanks to Girl About Town for the invite

Location: 111 King William Street


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