Wow, She Means Business

Meet the new girls on the block!

Introducing Abbey Cooke, the boss babe and brains of up and coming Adelaide business She Means Business Events (SMBE). Last night, Everything Adelaide had the pleasure of attending the launch of SMBE at Pirie & Co. Social Club. The formal evening was filled with a dazzling vibe as friends, family and media professionals all accompanied Cooke to launch her new brand, which everyone was excited about!

The launch event encompassed everything SMBE is about: a modern twist on trendy events. SMBE are all about organising the best possible event based on your desires, time frame and budget, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary or anything in between!

‘Just a girl with a dream who decided to go for it’

Having worked in the national and international sector as well as having a background in business, there is no doubt in mind that Cooke has her head in the game. Cooke said SMBE was created from her passion, desire and love of bringing people together at functions and events.


‘We add a modern and trendy spin on events for both our corporate and private clients which are flawlessly executed’, she said.

Not only was the launch party highly professional, it also showcased a number of additional businesses that were involved, including:

The Bag Collective

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 9.52.47 PM

Peaches n Gin Burlesque


Nutrition Republic DSC_0778

Lush Lighting: specialising in the gorgeous floral centre piece ring, floral entrance installation, uplighting and candles.

XL Letters

In The Booth

Gather and Graze by BreDSC_0772DSC_0771

Once guests had arrived, grabbed a drink and began to socialise, Ten Eyewitness News Reader Rebecca Morse officially opened the event by introducing Cooke and some of her past achievements. Cooke herself then spoke a few words in regards to her passion and drive that lead to the creation of SMBE, along with the support she’s had along the way.

Raffles were then drawn and some lucky competition winners went home with more than a goodie bag, then the party officially began with the popping of champagne bottles that filled a tower of stacked glasses.

It takes a lot of work to put on a successful event, though we can proudly say  last night was an absolute hit! We can’t wait to see SMBE develop over time, because we know it will!


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