Tasting Australia Presents: Urban Pantry + Cellar Door in Rundle Mall

Calling all foodies – our favourite food festival Tasting Australia is back this year with an even bigger and better event!

Having been around since 1997, Tasting Australia is a beautiful celebration of all things South Australian! For the first time ever, Tasting Australia will be hosting some of their events in Rundle Mall, so shoppers, visitors, and strollers of the Mall galore!


There will be over 30 local brands, businesses, and people, who will be participating in this auspicious week-long event. Visitors can expect to be treated to a unique and colourful range of local products by visiting the Urban Pantry and/or the Cellar Door, which has been set up at the Gawler Place Canopy in Rundle Mall.


The Urban Pantry offers visitors with a number of free tastings of local produce, in addition to having a guest speaker from a local business, who will talk about their products – how it’s made, what ingredients are used, and what makes their product(s) stand out in the market.

The Cellar Door is hosted by the Propaganda Club and will offer visitors with samplers of the delicious wines, cheese, beers, and even oils that are made right here in our beautiful state. Visitors can also expect to enjoy the staff from the Propaganda Club use the locally produced spirits to create scintillating cocktails that will leave you wanting more.

The Grazing Trail is being hosted from the 5th of May to the 7th of May and it is one that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Visitors can collect their free goodie bag from the Cellar Door and then go on a delightful, self-guided tour around the Mall and discover some of South Australia’s well-kept secrets in the food industry. Thin of chocolates, tea, coffee, and wine – you can score some free tastings of these delicacies throughout the Mall.

Tasting Australia’s Urban Pantry and Cellar Door in Rundle Mall will be running during the Mall hours from April 29 – May 7, so make sure you stop by and stock up your pantry with South Australia’s finest food and drink!

Special thanks to PPR Australia for the invite to the launch of this event.


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