Introducing BookBook Online

“Meet your new front of house”

Ever wanted to view a restaurant’s vacancies with ease? Ever needed to cancel a booking without any hassle? Everything that is involved with booking a reservation can be done in a few easy clicks thanks to the convenience of new online booking system known as BookBook.

The electronic system is very simple to follow as it involves a basic step-by-step process that allows bookings to be made within two minutes or less. From every day casual cafes to formal wineries, BookBook offers a fantastic range of benefits in multiple locations across South Australia and Adelaide including Coriole, Alere, The Haus and 2KW.

A great function of BookBook is its ability to provide recommendations based on the customer’s needs and specifications. The system allows users to view what is available at certain times and also gives you the advantage of choosing between selected seating options based on the number of guests attending.

After speaking with hospitality specialists from H&L Australia, we decided to give BookBook a go for ourselves. Of the several listed organisations involved with BookBook, we chose popular rooftop bar and restaurant, 2KW.

After clicking on the ‘bookings’ tab on the 2KW website, customers are almost immediately directed through to BookBook after deciding how many guests will be attending for lunch or dinner – options include a booking for 2 or a booking between 3 to 6 people.

Option one for two people displays the two seated areas 2KW provides, which include the chefs bench or the window lodge. The alternate option for customers of parties of 3 or more are offered the regular table, all of which are fine dining choices.

Once chosen, the follow through to BookBook continues by confirming guest numbers, date, time and personal confirmation details.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 10.43.44 PM

Lunch for two at 2KW, thank you

Located on the corner of North Terrace and King William Street above Jamie Oliver’s restaurant sits rooftop bar and restaurant 2KW, shortened for its street number and name.

Having booked online, we were able to view the times available which included from 12 noon through to 2pm. Another great asset we discovered about BookBook is its convenience to allow reservations to be made the night before for lunch on the following day – if any are available, which in our case there were plenty!


Having booked at noon we had the entire restaurant to ourselves for a while and chose to sit on the marble window lodge. What’s wonderful about 2KW’s menu is its unique category arrangement of raw, salad, field and josper/meat. Their dishes are also made to share.

Having previously eaten at 2KW once before, we knew the restaurant creates outstandingly presentable dishes that are appealing to the eye. Our first dish of choice was slow cooked octopus with kipfler potato, chorizo and romesco was one of these overly appealing creations. The bright orange octopus was cooked well and the potatoes tasted divine as they were perfectly seasoned and weren’t too salty.


Next was a plate of wild rice with nuts, grains, broad beans, peas and coconut yoghurt gremolata. The dish went well after the octopus and had a slight sweet sensation from the yoghurt. The range of textures from the nuts, beans and greens mingled perfectly together and made a filling but light meal.


To conclude our first occasion having booked with BookBook, we ordered the Bultarra North Flinders lamb shoulder with lemon and mint caramel with soy beans. Prior to ordering, the waiter mentioned the dish is quite large as the piece of meat weighed around 1.5kg, but we were up for a challenge.

The dish was truly exquisite as the lamb was braised beautifully and had a wonderful combination of protein and greens. Indeed, it certainly did take a while to devour though we did it with pleasure.


We look forward to our next occasion at our favourite rooftop bar.

Where shall we dine next? Any recommendations, BookBook?


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