Australian Skin Clinics launches at Westfield Marion

With the recent explosion of beauty and cosmetics-based businesses setting up base across Adelaide and South Australia, we welcome our newest member of this family – Australian Skin Clinics. Located at the end of the food mall in Westfield Marion, guests at the launch were treated to a beautiful white and blue backdrop of the Clinic that was decorated with intoxicating cocktails and wines supplied by Steve The Bartender, along with the beautiful bouquets from BloomBar Flowers. Cupcakes adorned in the Australian Skin Clinics logo were a great assortment to take away with a personalized goodie bag for each guest.


While the business has been around for well over 20 years, it was time for Adelaide to get a spot that is dedicated to providing a number of services, including laser treatment, injectable and acne treatments, and dermatological treatment, all of which are performed by highly qualified professionals in this area of expertise. Every staff member holds a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, in addition to the Laser Safety Qualifications that makes them highly skilled to perform the most complex of treatments efficiently and seamlessly.

Once the guests were enjoying the social atmosphere, co-owners James and Bisika Wade proudly introduced their team of seven experts and eloquently described their passion to bring their services to clients in a move to revolutionize the beauty and cosmetics industry in Adelaide. Coming from a background in construction for the past 19 years, James and Bisika seeked out for a career change that led them to revisit Bisika’s experience in the beauty industry (and qualification of Advanced Diploma of Beauty) to help open up this Clinic.


Guests were provided with mini tours of the different rooms where all the magic happens. The staff members are well-versed in the different treatment options that are offered here. During our mini tour, it quickly became apparent that the treatment options would be highly individualized and skins of all types were welcome at Australian Skin Clinics. While the space is small and snug, looks can be deceiving. There are so many amazing, skin-friendly products that all rooms are stocked with, including products by Balense (the Moisture Spritz is a refreshing facial mist spray that instantly makes you feel rejuvenated)! The rooms boast of a sterile yet comforting outlook that almost made me want to get some form of treatment done!


With an impressive and knowledgeable team of experts and a well-known passion of the owners to provide their clients with only the best for their skin, we cannot wait to see the success that awaits Australian Skin Clinics in Marion.

Special thanks to Girl About Town for the invite to celebrate the launch of Australian Skin Clinics’ 1st store in Adelaide and congratulations to Australian Skin Clinics for embarking on their first-ever South Australian venture!

Australian Skin Clinics is located at Shop 1004, Marion Shopping Centre and operates during Westfield Marion’s business hours.


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