Anna Morris: Its got to be Perfect!

Everyone loves a good wedding, though perhaps no one as much as bride-to-be Georgina played by Anna Morris in the Adelaide Fringe show ‘It’s Got to be Perfect!’ The performance acts as your exclusive invite to the wedding rehearsal – no, of course not an invite to the actual wedding of the century as there are an additional 5,000 guests attending!

The cake, decorations, food, music, photography, first dance, ceremony, reception and everything in between cannot be anything less than perfect for Georgina. I have to say, myself and possibly the entire audience were incredibly frightened of Georgina during the performance as fear crept into my mind as to what may occur if her wedding was not indeed perfect.

Georgina’s obsession personifies her as a complete bridezilla, or perhaps the worst one ever. Throughout the show Morris interacts with the audience well with her casual banter and intelligent improvisation. Considering the event is the wedding rehearsal, she also allows selected members of the audience to play a part, such as Georgina’s maid of honor, her father that walks her down the isle, and even be her fiance for the evening! The fun also truly climaxes during the audience’s opportunity to ‘speak now’ and declare their reasons as to why the soon to be wedded couple should not be married (if any).

Despite the show’s reoccurring idea of a flawless wedding, the performance undergoes a completely unexpected 180 degree transformation right at the closing after the audience discovers what Georgina’s fiance is truly like – a complete jerk. There is also a further underlying meaning that touches your heart and views the bigger picture outside an ideal wedding.

Overall rating: ★★★★

– Details –

Coarse Language: Strong

Sexual References: Mild

Age Suitability: 18+

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