Adelaide’s own Amos Gill

Mostly known for his role as Adelaide breakfast host on Hit107, Amos Gill is also a hilarious comedian that is intensely candid, far more uncensored and even more relatable during his performances.

Most of his material related to places and events surrounding our little yet eventful city of Adelaide and state of South Australia. While he appeared to be a bit too crass with his high school humor, you can’t help but laugh at this delightful man who sure knows how to include the audience and incorporate his own laughter into the mix. Staying true to his headline “Sorry, but It’s True”, Gill does not leave any stone unturned as he brings a great combination of personal childhood experiences, his travels across the US and even some of his awkward sexual encounters that will leave you wondering, “how does one’s mind even think this way?”. But, you won’t want him to stop talking – he’s got plenty to share!

While there was limited interactive components with the audience, Gill did his best to make everyone feel included. By engaging with members of the audience across the tiny Rhino Room, Gill was able to obtain a loyal collective effortlessly. There just isn’t any room for awkward silences, because members of the audience were constantly cracking up at almost every sentence uttered by this lovable Adelaidean.

Without giving too much away, I’d highly recommend you to make the most of the upcoming week by booking yourself and couple of mates some tickets to his show (before they sell out)! And with his show running at soon-to-be-demolished Rhino Room, that’s double the reason to grab a drink and head in for an hour-long show of unadulterated hilarity and enjoyable comedy!

Overall rating: ★★★★1/2

– Details –

Where: Rhino Room, 13 Frome Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Dates: Till the end of Fringe season (March 18)

Coarse language: Frequent / Strong

Age Suitability: M

Adelaide Fringe website:


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