Matt Tarrant – Honestly Dishonest

Being frankly honest can often be very difficult, though perhaps not for Matt Tarrant – a unique magician at this year’s Adelaide Fringe. Beginning the show with the phrase “Magic sucks” is probably not something the audience at a magic show wants to hear. Alas, Tarrant quickly finds us understanding why he feels this way – technology. The number one mood killer for magicians all around the world, yet he doesn’t fail to deliver a great performance that is welcomed with cheers and appreciation from the audience.

While you may think that some of his acts are cliche, you will not want to blink. You will have ask, “but…how did he do that?”, “how can that be possible?”, “it was right there!”. Yet, Tarrant is a professional at confusing our minds and making our jaws drop.

I really enjoyed the interactive component, where members of the audience were invited to be the “props” to Tarrant’s different acts. It was fun and engaging to see a wide variety of audience members take part and be good sports in his show. Even the shy and reluctant ones didn’t seem to take long to warm up to Tarrant, who is a natural people’s person and makes them feel at ease within seconds of speaking to him.

Tarrant possesses a beautiful balance of charm, wit, and skill that not only impresses the audience, but also appropriately draws applause and appreciation from his enchanted audience.

Matt Tarrent and our writer Tema

It was refreshing to see something that I have always been skeptical of. Agreed that I was a bit hesitant to fully grasp the different acts that involved props such as cards as well as some of his disappearing acts. However, I will give him kudos for being able to manipulate our minds and our vision of what is in front of us…and how he craftily designs the illusion to our disbelief.

Tarrant’s very switched on and tends to walk us through his act by channeling a narrative to further enhance the mystery and spectacle of his illusionary acts. While he talks about technology being the ultimate killer (in terms of ruining the magic), it was ironically good to have two screens on either side of the stage to provide a bird’s eye view for his card tricks, to see him magically make the cards shuffle into two distinct decks, or to produce a card that an audience member was thinking.

Tarrant’s final performance act includes a very lucky child, who is invited to participate in a memorable act that will, no doubt, make their day. This stems from Tarrant’s own childhood experience, where he was invited on stage, which left a permanent imprint and appreciation for the art of magic. He humbled admitted to wanting to provide at least one child in each of his shows with a similarly life-changing experience and show them that magic truly is a wonderful thing to have in our lives.

Matt Tarrant – a magician, a Mentalist, and an illusionist. Not sure what he’s best at, but we can safely say that he’s pretty damn good at each of these skills in his own unique way. He’s gentle when he speaks and his passion for captivating the audience and delivering his skillset in the most magical manner possible contributes towards his high popularity this Fringe season. It’s no wonder that his shows tend to sell out, so if you want to experience the magic of Matt Tarrant, book your tickets now by following the link below and prepare to have your mind blown. Nothing over-the-top, everything that you see in front of you has been put out in the most simplistic form.

Overall rating: ★★★★

– Details –

Where: The Octagon Tent, Gluttony

Dates: Till the end of Fringe season (March 19)

Family friendly: YES

Coarse language: Mild

Age Suitability: PG

Adelaide Fringe website:


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