Feel the Heat at Fuego Carnal

For those that desire to be a little more daring this Adelaide Fringe season, consider witnessing circus performance act Fuego Carnal. The show combines incredible acrobatics, burlesque, street-performance stunts and dangerous performances all with the use of fire – of Fuego in Spanish. Having interviewed MisSa Blue last week about her role in the show as a professional sword swallower, we were more than excited to see what the other acts had in stall!

With bold jaw-dropping stunts, the talented cast of seven from Australia, the UK and Germany sure know how to entertain a crowd. From start to finish, fire is toyed with at the hands of expert performers – quite literally!

A stand out performance we personally enjoyed watching was duo act by Sophie and Jacob McGrath, who are also the show’s founders. Sophie’s ability to intrigue and humour the audience received great reactions and their final acrobatic performance also wowed the populated Tuesday night crowed.

MisSa Blue’s performance itself also made our teeth grind with the swallowing the three swords of various shapes and lengths. Beginning with a somewhat sweet burlesque routine, her act quickly changed to quite a daunting performance. Though, that’s what we came for!

Apart from a few minor hiccups here and there particularly with the hoop performance, the show is extravagant, electric and overall phenomenal. It is certainly one that is not to be missed.

Overall rating: ★★★★


Dates: Every night until the Fringe closes!

Family Friendly: Yes

Sexual References: Mild

Age Suitability: G

Want more details? Click here!


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