Lord of the Fries lands in Adelaide!

Great news fellow Adelaidians, Lord Of The Fries has finally landed in Adelaide! Opening their 15th store on Hindley Street, the business comes as a blessing to die-hard fans (and soon-to-be-converts), after a massive demand for a shopfront was issued in the form of a Facebook page “Bring Lord Of The Fries To Adelaide” with over 1000 followers.

Yes, I give you permission to get up, do your celebratory dance, and rejoice at the opening of one of the most loved and fully functional vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the heart of Adelaide city!

Having successfully set up a franchise in Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, it was just about the right time for the ethical fast food restaurant to find a home in Adelaide. The vegetarian and vegan fast food business revolution is the result of a love story between Mark (Melbourne) and Mandy (Toronto) who met in 2004 while they were in Taiwan. After toying with the idea of creating “the perfect fries with the right level of crunch and crisp factor”, Mark’s brother – Sam – came up with the idea of the name “Lord Of The Fries”.

After taking on the venture to operate via their “food van” that served up some seriously delicious hot chips, the first LOTF store was opened in 2005 in Melbourne.The business stands by the principle of creating an “all-inclusive menu” that offers 100% vegetarian // vegan // halal certified // kosher-certified // low gluten options. LOTF takes pride in sourcing local produce in their foods, whilst simultaneously drawing inspiration from international flavours in their burgers, hot dogs, vegan shakes, and munch boxes. With a menu that offers options such as for their fries selection, how can you just pick one?


The decor of the space has been craftily designed by Russell and George Architects to replicate the look and feel of the New York subway (complete with signs for “order” and “pick up” – to encourage dine-in and takeaway options. No need to get a ticket – just walk up to a friendly team member, place your order, and prepare for an enjoyable dining experience!


As part of the Adelaide V.FRY.P media launch, guests were treated to samplers of fries, including “Classic”, “Shoe String”, “Chunky” and “Sweet Potato”. We tried the “chunky” and “classic” fries – both of which possessed a perfect balance of saltiness and crispiness. There were also nuggets that pretty much melted in my mouth, onion rings [Carina’s words here], and burgers, including “Spicy”, “New Guru”, and “Phish”. No matter what your choice of burgers, your tastebuds will be tingling and activated to appreciate the fresh and indulgent flavours in the patty, along with the freshness of the buns encompassing the ingredients within. We finished off on a sweet note with chocolate bars. All in all, it was a fantastic evening celebrating the birth of LOTF in SA, where fresh and ethically sourced food was served to guests in a timely and presentable manner.


Additionally, there are specials such as $10 Tropical Supreme burgers and enticing student deals, which allows “happy hour” to students between 3pm and 5pm, where they can enjoy a combination of fries + drink, nuggets + drink, or fries + nuggets for just $5.

Considering how the team is still fairly new and is getting used to Adelaide and their customers, they did an exceptional job with bringing out food that tasted scrumptious! Plus, with so many friendly faces, coupled with a great atmosphere, and a healthy range of food and drink options, you really can’t go wrong with the LOTF experience!

You can find Lord Of The Fries at 23A Hindley Street, Adelaide SA 5000, where they will be operating 7x days a week. Special thanks to MKT Communications for the invite to the media launch event.

Find Lord Of The Fries on their social media platforms such as Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // YouTube.


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