SculpSure – The Art of Body Contouring

Dr Chris Koulos and his wife Claire opened the Burnside Cosmetic & Skin Cancer Centre nearly two years ago. The clinic aims to provide transformative and discrete treatments using the latest technology available.

The most recent additions to the clinic are SculpSure and PicoSure. On Tuesday night (Feb 28), Dr Chris celebrated the new technologies and explained the functions of each treatment.

According to Dr Chris, SculpSure is a non-invasive body contouring system that uses laser technology to reduce stubborn fat in love handles, the abdomen and other areas. The result is permanent fat loss, and there is no down-time after treatment. The clinic is particularly excited about SculpSure because it is the first treatment to use this technology in Adelaide.

PicoSure is another new technology that is not only used for facial rejuvenation, but also for tattoo removal and acne scarring. The treatment is very fast, lasting around 20 minutes for facial rejuvenation and only 10 minutes for tattoo removal. The results are surprising and effective, especially for such a quick treatment.


The best thing about the Burnside Cosmetic & Skin Cancer Centre is that it is a true medical clinic with a spa feel. Dr Chris has been in the medical game for over 25 years, working in trauma medicine, accident emergency, skin cancer medicine, and his true love, cosmetic medicine. He and his wife (who is currently studying nursing) are passionate about changing lives through the transformative power of cosmetic treatment. It is comforting to know they are experienced in many aspects of medicine, and always have a doctor on-site. Between the latest technology and the medical training, this clinic seems to be a great place to go for medical skin treatments.

Special thanks to BPPR for the invite


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