Dragapella! starring The Kinsey Sicks

Daring, sublime, talented and overall entertaining โ€“ The Kinsey Sicks of Dragapella sure know how to please a crowd. After performing together for over 23 years and producing 9 albums, these drag queens will have you laughing and singing along to their four part harmonies for all the wrong reasons. โ€˜Are you looking for something... Continue Reading →


SculpSure – The Art of Body Contouring

Dr Chris Koulos and his wife Claire opened the Burnside Cosmetic & Skin Cancer Centre nearly two years ago. The clinic aims to provide transformative and discrete treatments using the latest technology available. The most recent additions to the clinic are SculpSure and PicoSure. On Tuesday night (Feb 28), Dr Chris celebrated the new technologies... Continue Reading →

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