A chat with MisSa Blue of Fuego Carnal

After receiving multiple five star reviews at last year’s Adelaide Fringe, we were incredibly excited to hear that the fire circus show Fuego Carnal had made a return to the Fringe in 2017. Earlier this week, Everything Adelaide had a lovely chat with performer MisSa Blue who’s a talented sword swallower and fire eater from Germany.

How did you get involved in circus and physical performances?

I was originally involved in dance and was a part of the underground cover scene in London but wanted to advance my skills in some way – so I began to move to fire and instantly fell in love with its dangerous quality. I was also looking for a something that was diverse and unique that I enjoyed to do – I eventually discovered fire stunts.

The show is definitely dangerous, why did you decide to get involved in these thrilling stunts?

I loved the idea of having a skill I was good at that made me stand out from the crowd and other competition. It was great knowing that there were less people doing physical performances I’m doing because it makes it more unique – and I also love the dangerous side as well.

What can people expect from the show?

It is a very high-paced and high energy circus fire show that heavily involves the element of surprise. There’s also a great mix of performers from all around the world that have been training nearly all their lives, which gives the show a certain edge. Even though the show has an overall theme, you don’t know what to expect.

Being quite a dangerous performance, is the show family friendly?

The show is definitely family friendly! We have a lot of children come see the show that all seem to love the fire element. We also do have a mild sexual element in the performance but the show is still rated ‘G’ as it’s nothing over the top. The underlying theme itself is mores0 for the adults.

How does this year’s performance compare to last year’s show?

Compared to last year, the cast has changed slightly. Myself and a few of the other performers have joined the show and we’re aiming to go on tour together in the near future which is very exciting!

If you could describe the show in three words what would they be?

Tough choice but definitely fiery, high-flying and adventurous.

What’s your favourite aspect of the Adelaide Fringe?

I think there’s two aspects, actually. I’ve experienced a few different Fringe festivals now and out of all of them the Adelaide Fringe seems to bring the artists together more closely. The artist bar is absolutely amazing and it feels like there’s such a great feeling of support between audiences, artists and those that help run the Fringe.

I also feel that the Adelaide Fringe has a very friendly environment that allows performers to meet other artists, which can also be a great networking opportunity. From an artist perspective, I have noticed how those that operate the Fringe really try and connect to the individual shows and artists, which is a quality I have not recognised anywhere else but at the Adelaide Fringe.

* * *

If you would like to experience the show that has Adelaide talking, be sure to go experience the talent and dare-devil hearts of Fuego Carnal for yourself. A big congratulations to the cast and crew of the show as well for winning last week’s Weekly Fringe Award!

– Details –

Dates: Every night except Monday nights!
Family Friendly: Yes
Sexual References: Mild
Age Suitability: G

Want more details? Click here

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