Neel Kolhatkar at the 2017 Adl Fringe #ObjectifyNeel

Described as a YouTube sensation, Neel Kolhatkar has rapidly become a popular comedian on both social media and the stage. Last night Kolhatkar performed one of his two stand-up Fringe gigs at the Arkaba Hotel located just outside of the city.

Regardless if you’ve previously watched his videos online or have never heard of him before, Kolhatkar’s one-hour show will have you laughing after the opening line. Kolhatkar originally became known from the hilarious homemade videos uploaded to his YouTube account, Neelk, which began in 2013. Since then, Kolhatkar has travelled around the country performing at various comedy galas and festivals, such as the Adelaide and Perth Fringe.

In accordance with his dirty, witty style, this year’s Fringe show is full of sexual references and is certainly not for the faint hearted as this Gen Y comedian has a many low-key jokes on various hardball topics, such as race, culture and politics. Last night he also targeted his humour towards Australian television, social media along with comments on Australia’s multicultural society.

What allows Kolhatkar’s humour to be quite characteristic is his ability and tendency to transform what is often considered as serious contexts into crowds of laughter. His cultural background of Indian and Australian is also a common tool used to joke about Australia’s multiculturalism and how different cultures treat each other within Western society.

Audience interaction also played a key role in the gig when members of the audience were asked general questions about their own lives, such as what their day job is or what high school they went to, which acted as improvisational openers for lead-on jokes.

It’s fair to say that Kolhatkar has a lot to say about Australia, political leaders and even Disney, though perhaps he is just stating in an incredibly humorous way what everyone is thinking.



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