Fringe Prep at The Oxford Hotel

With the Adelaide Fringe just around the corner, venues, bars and social businesses are preparing themselves for one of the busiest times of year – including The Oxford Hotel.



Located in the vibrant suburb of North Adelaide, The Oxford Hotel has recently released their specially designed menu, ‘The Festival Feats’, in the spirit of the festive season.

Described to be a ‘celebration of the audacity and creativity of the festive season’, Fringe go-ers and outgoing socials can expect a range of flavours, dishes and cocktails on the menu.

Proud business owners Grant and Anastasia Murray say they want to ‘offer patrons a menu with a creative twist and artistic flair that compliments the strong art philosophy of the venue.’

Anastasia Murray says, “There’s such a big buzz in Adelaide around Fringe time and what would be more fitting than aligning our menu with the festive season seeing as we both promote creativity and celebrate art?”

Each dish featured on the menu incorporates an Asian fusion twist mixed with quick street style food, including corncobs, miniature burgers and delicious lamb balls.

Considering North Adelaide is only a five-minute drive away from the city, The Oxford Hotel and the suburb in general is sure to see a flood of locals and visitors taking part in the 2017 Adelaide Fringe.



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