New Kids on the CX Block – Spaghetti Junction

Recently, the corner of the Grenfell Street City Cross entrance has undergone drastic alterations in order to create a new retro take-away pasta joint.

With special thanks to Neon Moose PR for the invite, Everything Adelaide other fellow Adelaide bloggers and members of the public enjoyed the taste of what The Spaghetti Junction has on offer on their delightful new menu. The menu includes traditional Italian pasta dishes, including Ragu with cheese and tomato based meat sauce as well as Pasta Marinara or mixed seafood.

Along the wooden bar bench began aligned multiple takeaway boxes filled with delicious freshly made pasta with the finest ingredients that will make your taste buds wanting more with every mouthful.

Not only does the menu include an assortment of delicious, quick pasta dishes but pizza, salads and snacks are also available – not to mention their unique Coffee in a Cone that’s at budget price of $2!



The box joint is incredibly convenient if you’re on the go, rushing to work or running late but also offers a cosy dine-in seated areas for couples or a small group of friends to catch up.

Location: 32 Grenfell Street, Adelaide


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