Summer in a glass – 2KW’s Summer Cocktail Menu Launch

Summer has officially arrived and what a better way to enjoy the warm weather than at 2KW in the city with a drink in hand. With the change in season, this popular Adelaide rooftop bar will be soon launching their summer cocktail menu – and we were one of the lucky few to taste them first! Four cocktails were served throughout the afternoon, each providing a different citrus flavour sensation but all incorporating a local South Australian touch.

The first of the four we tried was the Pickled Pineapple Whisky Smash. Providing a delightful presentation of bright yellow with a slice of pineapple sitting on the side, the cocktail was incredibly refreshing but was stronger than initially thought. The tough taste of the whisky also seemed to compliment the sweetness of the pineapple, creating a wonderful summery cocktail.


Similarly to the Pineapple Whisky, the ‘Two Lifts’ cocktail shared the similarity of alcoholic strength through the mixture of Aperol, Chartreuse and Vermouth. In saying that, this particular cocktail isn’t shy as it packs a punch on your tastebuds. Although, the citrus flavour allows the cocktail to be quite enjoyable.



All four drinks certainly did share a common sweetness quality, though in slightly diverse ways. The third drink, the Montenegro Sour, was sweet rather than bitter and consisted of  Montenegro crème de Cacao Chocolate Bitters with chocolate shavings from Haigh’s chocolates, providing that local touch. The presence of chocolate was reminiscence of chocolate or espresso martinis with an orange punch that worked well as a combination.


Our favourite of the four drinks provided definitely had to be the Kangaroo Island (K.I.) Buzz with gin, lemon and kangaroo island Lingurian honey. This is one for all the sweet tooth’s out there who love the taste of honey and gin. The refreshing taste felt like a summer explosion but is not as strong as the Pickled Pineapple Whisky Smash, which isn’t a bad thing! Also, say goodbye to sore throats because this cocktail will sooth any bad throat virus for months.

We’re excessively excited to start the summer with a refreshing citrus taste and will make our way back to level 8 of 2 King William Street sooner than we know.


Location: 2 King William Street, Adelaide


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