New look at the Tower Hotel

Last Thursday evening, Everything Adelaide and other South Australian bloggers united to see the new renovations of The Tower Hotel at Magill. After 8 weeks of reconstruction, the building and its surrounding areas appear to be better than ever with a simple modernistic but stylish look.

Owner, Greg Maitland, says the redevelopment caters for all members of the community. “Previously, the Tower has attracted an older demographic, so we wanted to make sure we offered something that appeals to everyone,” he said.


The iconic pub’s sports bar has been transformed into a chic Ale House, with more 14 beers on tap, growing hops and catering to 120 people. The sleek design, white walls and gorgeous outside décor with green garden arches will be ideal on warm summer nights with cocktails in hand.





The evening was a complete buzz as food was being distributed and drinks were served. Two particular types of cocktails that we were able to try off the menu was the Espresso Martini and the Lychee Capiroska with vodka, paraiso, lychee liqueur, muddled lime and lychees. Both were equally as delicious, but I preferred zing and fresh tasting flavour of the Capiroska.


Considering the location on the corner of Magill Road, the hotel should attract locals within the area and those who may not travel to Magill as much. Also being close to the University of South Australia, university students may also enjoy this convenience on weekends or even weeknights. “We’re right across the road from Uni SA’s Magill campus, so we wanted to create a fresh, go-to destination for students and young people,” says Maitland.


Maitland also stated that another goal they wanted the hotel to achieve is creating a family friendly space where kids can have an absolute blast while also allowing parents to eat their food with ease.

Location: 621 Magill Road, Magill



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