Dark Thorn Clothing’s Exclusive Soiree

Having launched in 2013, Dark Thorn Clothing has grown to be a popular womenswear label with attire inspired by the Victorian period. The clothing range involves only the shades of white, black and beige with incredibly fine detailing in every piece.


Last Thursday night (December 1st), Everything Adelaide was invited by Girl About Town to attend Dark Thorn Clothing’s exclusive soiree held at The Curious Squire. The event aimed to showcase the label’s two collections titled ‘New Moon’ and ‘Rebirth’.

‘New Moon’ features clothing that seemed more suitable for winter including the V-neck Mina Coat that is available in two colours (black and beige) and the Myrtle Cape. The collection also includes long silk gowns with delicate black lace, a lovable white bone blouse and maxi skirts or dresses.

As for ‘Rebirth’, the collection features more skirts, dresses and blouses that fit well to suit the woman’s figure, a true resemblance of the Victorian era. Our favourite outfit from the collection was definitely the black velvet Victoria Dress with gold cuffs and neckline.


Undoubtedly, Dark Thorn is not your average fashion label. Their Victorian style brings the past to modern fashion and allows the clothing to stand out amongst the crowd. The attention to detail particularly in the neckline, sleeves and buttoning also adds nice, fine touches to dramatic, bold pieces.

Special thanks once again to Girl About Town for the invite.


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