Hacienda’s Blanket Fort End-of-Exams Party

Words by Guy Henderson
Images off the Hacienda Facebook page

It’s impressive how so many clubs and bars in Adelaide host events using familiar childhood themes just when University students need them the most. A couple of months ago, the Adelaide University Union (AUU) hosted a Pop Up Ball Pit Bar event at the Rhino room (R.I.P.), providing students with an early uni de-stresser before the mid-semester break. Right on cue earlier this week, as exams were coming to a close for the year, Hacienda’s Blanket Fort End-of-Exams party gave an opportunity for many lucky students to engross themselves in their childhood slumber party memories, but this time with alcohol.

Renamed “Fluffy Town” for one night only, the six-month-old club was transformed into a blanket fort paradise with cheap shots, vodka base, cocktails and great music to help students celebrate the end to another year of uni. As you walked in, the ceiling over the dance floor was draped with bed sheets and blankets, many with familiar childhood patterns such as race cars, flowers and Sylvester the cat. While the atmosphere of the dance floor wasn’t as immersive as that of the Pop Up Ball Pit Bar, everybody got into the spirit of the theme and wore their finest, socially acceptable pyjamas, including fashionable eye masks, pyjama pants and silk robes.


The DJ eased the crowd into the playlist with some familiar tunes by Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Rihanna, before settling into some classic R&B tracks. The pole in the middle of the dance floor became a centre piece for anyone who was brave enough to show off their moves, and which I unashamedly let loose on during ‘Crazy in Love’. The event proved to be incredibly popular amongst students and as the night played out, the venue got uncomfortably overcrowded, particularly around the bar and on the dance floor, which peaked when some unexpected moshing broke out during ‘Killing in the Name’ by Rage Against the Machine. Thankfully, there were spots around Hacienda where you could get a space to breathe while also continuing to dance and enjoy the tunes, like the balcony over the dance floor and the floor behind the DJ.


Despite being overcrowded for a Thursday night, there was an abundance of energy from enthusiastic students and a sense of celebration about the end of the year. Hacienda’s Blanket Fort End-of-Exams Party was a wicked night and a fitting prelude to the big events that will take place during the summer holidays to come.


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