FarinaOO Pasta and Wine Bar

 Indulge yourself in the taste of traditional Italian cuisine at Farina00 Pasta and Wine Bar.


Everything Adelaide was specially invited for lunch by Farina00 to try their menu and learn a bit more about the business. Having only opened their doors six months ago, the restaurant seems to have established themselves well on social media and within the area of Hyde Park.

As soon as you step into the restaurant you are welcomed by white walls, Italian styled décor and cultural Italian music playing in the background. You can tell that the look of the restaurant is well thought out in order to represent the culture. From the overall style to the minute details such as the jars of olives and dangling grapes behind the bar, it captures the Italian essence perfectly. Through to the back of the restaurant is a small-secluded outdoor area with small wooden tables and chairs as well as a beautiful grape vines draped across the roof forming a ceiling – perfect for the summer months to come.


 As for the food, all the pasta is made fresh daily and gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options are also available. The menu also has chef favourites represented with a small heart next to the title of certain dishes and alcoholic beverage recommendations.

For starters we were served two stuffed zucchini flowers with ricotta, lemon zest, nutmeg, basil and edible flowers. The presentation was gorgeous with one zucchini resting slightly on top of the other and four purple flowers placed in a circular formation. The zucchinis themselves were crisp and shared a great combination of flavours that balanced well between the warm, creamy ricotta and the salty nutmeg. The dish is also vegan friendly.


Up next was spaghetti aglio olio, which is Italian for spaghetti with garlic and olive oil. It also consisted of chilli, parsley, a 24-month-aged parmesan cheese and olive oil from Fleurei Peninsula. The dish was simple but was bursting with delicious flavours, ideal for a quick, light lunch. This particular dish will also soon be on UberEats, a website where customers can order food from restaurants and have it delivered at ‘Uber’ speed.


The second main of the afternoon was the Reginette di Agnello, which is Italian for Queens Lamb. The dish consisted of braised lamb mixed with homemade tomato sauce and topped with 24-month-aged parmesan cheese. I can truthfully say that the lamb is possibly the best lamb I’ve ever tasted. It was perfectly tender and lacked the chewy texture often found in lamb. Along with the pasta, the dish is incredibly filling and will serve your tastebuds well.


Regardless how full my stomach was at this point, I always have room for dessert and couldn’t say no to a Nutella Semifreddo with Haigh’s hazelnuts and gianduja. Although I come from an Italian heritage, I don’t believe I have previously had a semifreddo, which is a light semi-frozen Italian ice cream dessert. The nutella semifreddo was served in a glass done jar with a spoonful of gianduja, a thick hazelnut spread, sitting on the side. When combining the two together it is the ultimate chocolate sensation, you may end up with a lot of nutella on the outside of your mouth.


After hearing a lot of great things around town about Farina00 Pasta and Wine, we now know what everyone’s been talking about. Fair to say we didn’t leave the restaurant hungry but are eager to return for more soon.

Location: 128 King William Rd, Hyde Park

Open Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 5 -11pm
Wednesday – Saturday: 11am – 11pm
Sunday: 12 – 10pm


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