The Grand Most Exotic T2 Tea Bazaar

Enter a world where old meets new


With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about presents for friends and loved ones. Though more often than not we’re stuck on gift ideas, which can be both a difficult and frustrating experience. Thankfully, the team at T2 have provided their assistance with a new limited edition range of teas and tea sets perfectly suited for the festive season. Last week we were given a sneak peak of the new collections at the stunning location of The Watson Hotel.

The new collection ultimately showcases the combination of different cultures, including Japanese with African and South American with Northern European. Through this mix-match inspiration of various cultures, the idea of The Grand Most Exotic T2 Bazaar was created in preparation for Christmas.

Each collection is equally gorgeous in their own unique way, whether it be the distinct pattern, colour, shape or texture. With over ten different types of tea wares to choose from each with their own distinct style, deciding which one is your favourite is quite difficult.

One of our favourites certainly had to be the White and Pink Luscious due to its fancy, elegant floral design and golden touch on the edges. The style only comes in two colours, pink and green with white, and ranges at a price of $65 for a cup and saucer to $130 for the large teapot.



We also strongly admired the brewing tools and the attention to detail with the teaspoons that had delicate engravings of a kitten emoji or statement saying ‘for the love of tea’ written in the inside face of the spoon itself.

Those that prefer to drink tea on the go can also do so with the ease of the new stainless steel flask range that come in selected colours including aqua, ombre with purple and blue and black with white patterning.

There are also various gift packs that include a teacup, saucer and different teas depending on the collection it belongs to. Boxes of teas are also available for true tea enthusiasts.

All new collections are currently available for purchase online and in store. Head to the T2 website for further details about this new fantastic Christmas range.



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