The Joy of India

The Joy of India located at the newly renovated Brickworks Marketplace truly lives up to its name of providing guests with the essence of Indian cuisine. Personally, I don’t eat Indian food a lot, so I was very excited to try something new at a place I also haven’t been to before. The Brickworks Marketplace and The Joy of India share a common trait of being family-friendly at a location that should be visited by more people more often.

To begin the evening, the owner said a few words about the restaurant and stated how all the meals produced are created with fresh ingredients. This was proven to be true after a small wait and delicious tasting meals.

Before our meals arrived, we each ordered a Mango Lassi. For those who have never previously tried a lassie before, as I did, it’s a non-alcoholic fruity drink mixed with yoghurt. Being someone who hadn’t tried a Lassie before, I can easily say I am a fan of its addictive freshness and sweetness.


First to arrive was the Mixed Non-Veg Platter, which had two pieces of chicken tikka and lamb kebab, fish tikka and two pieces of prawns served on a bed of salad, mint sauce and lemon wedge. The dish was literally steaming and spicy hot with bright orange prawns, fish and chicken that highlighted the spices well. All the seafood and meat was perfectly tender with a touch of smokiness.


Of course, how can you eat Indian food without ordering butter chicken? It can easily be said that this was the winning dish of the evening, with tandoori roasted then finished in a mild creamy tomato and onion curry. The sauce was full of flavour and, to my surprise, wasn’t very spicy at all, which I was very happy with.

The Aloo Gobhi Muttar was also delectable with its combination of potato, cauliflower and peas with tomato, ginger and spices. Not only is this a delicious vegetarian option, it’s also an incredibly healthy meal, as is many of the other dishes tried.


The sweet and sour taste of the Prawn Jalfrezi was also a hit among guests, though the prawns seemed to be rather small for tiger prawns. To complete the evening, and to fill our stomachs to the rim, we devoured three serves of Cheesy Naan Bread.

Special thanks to Adelaide Food Central for the invite and the friendly staff members who hosted the night.


Location: 11/38 South Road, Brickworks Marketplace, Torrensville, SA


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