Paolo Sebastian brings the crowd to their feet at AFF finale


To conclude what has been a fantastic week of fashion and events, Adelaide designer and international label Paolo Sebastian closed the final runway of the AFF for 2016.

The runway showcased the new Spring/Summer Wildflower Collection that featured gorgeous handmade creations of pure couture. Many of the gowns had billowing sleeves, plunging necklines and tactile fabrics of nuage, magnolia and peach blossom.

Unlike the previous shows, the runway itself had been transformed into a magical wonderland deep within a forest. The air was filled with the scented essence of sweetness and potentially cinnamon that is instantly noticed as soon as you walked into the premises. Midway through the show a video was played regarding Paulโ€™s journey and international success to Paris last year. He stated how he draws on fairytales and childhood dreams for inspiration when designing each delicate dress.

That being said, the embedded meaning behind the dresses themselves allows them to be far more than simply a fashionable item of clothing but more so a work of art.

The gowns that were included in this fourteenth collection were all equally stunning to the eye and in attention to detail. If you looked closely, you could notice the individual flowers and beads.

As the show drew to a close and the models filled the runway for a final strut, Paul himself made an appearance as the sold-out crowd rose to their feet.


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