Contemporary Women’s Fashion of the AFF


The runway featured designers including Liza EmanueleNamoi, Paige Rowe, Katya Komarova and Millicent Elizabeth.

The runway opened with pieces by Katya Komarova, who displayed well-fitted garments with slightly edgy accessories including heavy neckpieces and leather boots. Arm pieces from the elbow below also made an appearance and selective crown-like headwear.

Up next on the runway was Namoi with their selection of v-neck one-pieces that all seemed to have chain accessories, which added a bit of heaviness to the light designs.  Millicent Elizabeth also displayed a mix-match of blacks and whites that prove to never go out of style. From free-flowing to well fitted outfits, the collection was certainly simple yet tasteful.

Unlike the first two designers, Paige Rowe was all about patterns. The collection featured comfortable pants and tops of thin, placid stripes or green abstract spots. The up-town beach look definitely represented a great spring/summer vibe.


Liza Emanuele closed the show with an array of outfits from everyday wear to something for Saturday night, all of which mimicked the styling of the 50’s with eyewear, headscarves and thin socks with heels.


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