Oktoberfest in the Gardens 2016 Recap


 October is always a busy time of year and included to the list of exciting social event taking place around Adelaide is Oktoberfest in the Gardens.

Due to crowd demands, the one-day event made a late minute decision and chose to include Adelaide on their list of cities to visit, and we’re glad they did so! Last Saturday (October 15th), Everything Adelaide was invited to attend this German-filled event and get a taste of what everyone interstate has been raving about.

Having never been to Adelaide previously, it was difficult to know what to expect at Oktoberfest in the Gardens apart from a lot of beer. The event began at 2pm and followed through until 11pm, though attendees proved they could’ve partied on all night long. The day was filled with Adelaide locals dressed as Germans drinking beers all day and eating sausages until the sun went down.


The Jubilee Pavilion of the Adelaide showgrounds was transformed into a huge beer hall where chairs and tables had been set up as far as the eye could see and bars circled the perimeter. Included within the hall was a stage for bang performances and a secluded area for a silent disco, which proved to be a popular area.


Outside along the grass area was also another stage where German inspired competitions and dances took place, such as a stein holding contest and German dancing.

Attendees were also offered a small but good range of German food including Kranski hot dogs and sweet and savory pretzels. Kranski’s did not disappoint in size or flavour as it was a foot long and had cheese both inside and outside the sausage.


A wonderful asset about Oktoberfest in the Gardens is the music festival vibe it has along with a European style and atmosphere. The beer hall certainly felt and looked like a true replica of the celebration held in Germany, which is a great achievement. It’s safe to say we can’t wait for Oktoberfest to return in 2017!


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