Hustle Coffee Co.


The Adelaide CBD has become a giant playground for new and upcoming local businesses to find a space for themselves. It’s refreshing to visit the city on a regular basis to see what’s new in the area. One of these new café joints on Waymouth Street is Hustle Coffee Co.

Hustle is the newest hot spot for people in the CBD to enjoy a nice, hot cup of caffeine-laced goodness before heading off to work. It’s also a great place for friends or family members to relax and catch up.

While their opening week involved lots of torrential rain and stormy weather, Hustle did just as their name suggests and ‘hustled’ through it all to make their first week of business a colossal success.

Shortly after they opened on Monday, the café was packed with curious and inquisitive individuals who were treated to delicious pastries, granola cups, and bagels. Hustle also specialises in offering coffee blends from Brazil, Peru, and Nicaragua. Any coffee enthusiast would highly approve of these concoctions and one cup of coffee is strong enough to stay buzzing all day.


While it is located on the quieter end of Waymouth Street (adjacent to Light Square), the walk to that end of town is well worth it. The customer service is decent, with the staff ready to cater to your needs. They’re really polite, professional, and are hilarious to be around. There’s a chilled vibe, which makes me feel relaxed and in a safe space to grab a bite, do some uni work, and have a chat with the lovely lads working there.

The décor is also very inviting with a minimalistic black and white theme that shows off the colourful, appetising food well. Although the café may be small, it provides for a cute and cozy happy-go-lucky attitude.


You also have the option of having takeaway through a drive-thru-style window, where you can place your order and admire the lush greenery of the Square while you wait. There are options of healthy salads, bagels, pastries, and much more that Hustle offers to their customers. Also, apart from coffee, you also have the choice of chai lattes, hot chocolates (with authentic Belgian chocolate), and iced drinks as standard in most cafes.

Hustle was a baby in the making for 6 months and has officially completed just over a week in business. Special thanks to owners Steve and Pete for sharing their love for coffee with the rest of Adelaide – they have done a brilliant job at transforming the location into a bright and inviting café.


What’s even better is that Hustle is giving all of their customers 25% off coffee purchases if you check-in on Facebook or post a photo on Instagram over the next month. A pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

Location: Unit 1/, Unit 1/155 Waymouth St, Adelaide

Open Hours:
Weekdays: 7am – 3:30pm
Weekends: Closed


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