23rd Street Distillery, Renmark


There’s nothing better than enjoying a few casual drinks with friends on a crisp Friday evening, especially when the drinks taste just as bubbly and refreshing as they look. Last Friday, a VIP pop-up bar style event was held at Rundle Mall under the Gawler Place Canopy where 23rd Street Distillery, Renmark were showcasing some of their finest selection of drinks to launch their latest incarnation in South Australia’s Riverland.

The small secluded area barricaded by portable white picket fences quickly filled for a sharp start to begin at 6:23pm. With music provided by community radio station FreshFM, an open bar and a selection of seafood soon to be dished, the night ahead seemed promising.


The bar quickly crowded with guests and a fine selection of drinks were available to taste. Upon arrival, the initial drink everyone seemed to have in hand was 23rd street’s signature gin with tonic. It was a great ice-breaker to get the party going and its smooth taste wasn’t overpowering as some gin and tonics are. Soon after, drinks were practically flowing off the bar but the fast paced staff members seemed to be handling everything very well.

To ensure the drink to food ratio was somewhat maintained, plates of seafood were served including oysters, avocado prawns, tuna and powdered seaweed as well as chicken burgers and tender pork samples with grated Parmesan cheese. All produce was freshly prepared by award-winning chef, Matt Fitton, from the Mount Lofty Ranges Vineyard. A definite crowd winner of the night was the fresh prawns with delicious avocado paste or the miniature burgers that had the tasty fillings of chicken with sweet sauce.

The event certainly brought the region to Adelaide’s busy city centre and represented the tastes a newly renovated distillery well.

Special thanks to Rebecca from O’Rouke PR for the invite


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