Crack Kitchen provides the brunch goods

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan and Carina Stathis


The owners of The Loose Caboose and Whipped are back with a bang, and have added a fresh, new hangout zone that bears a similarly cheeky name.

After spending months of renovating the former gaming bar once known as The Pad, Crack Kitchen opened their doors to the curious public around 2 months ago. With a rather interesting name, we at Everything Adelaide were intrigued by what lied behind the retro automatic doors.

Stepping foot into the café, customers instantly gain a sense of modern design through the combination of white walls, potted plants and tall vertical windows welcoming in natural light. Adding to the minimalistic design, simplistic lamps and origami-enclosed bulbs are also situated around the café; it is pleasing to see how the location has undergone a huge transformation in comparison to its former establishment.

Seeming Crack Kitchen is the newest café on the Adelaide scene, we thought we’d examine the breakfast and lunch bar for ourselves. The joint consists of two levels: the first floor is reserved for seating customers while the second floor is currently non-operational. We found the customer service to be exceptional with polite, hospitable and ever so friendly staff members that accommodated to our needs.


We decided to visit Crack shortly after midday and were impressed to see that the place was bustling with customers – all of whom appeared to be enjoying their attractive feasts. We opted for the Gingerbread Pikelets, the Mushroom Field and a cup of hot chocolate to satisfy our grumbling tummies.

 Not one to shy away from the fact that I have a major sweet tooth, the Gingerbread Pikelets caught my eye. Served with chunks of chocolate almond honeycomb, edible flowers, cardamom yoghurt, poached mandarin, this option of a meal is very appetizing and tugs at all the right strings for a foodie like myself. The pikelets itself were plain, but when coupled with the mandarin and/or the yoghurt, tasted divine. The sheer sweetness from the honeycomb chunks complemented the simple yet tasty flavours from the pikelets.


Along with the Gingerbreaf Pikelets, we also ordered the Mushroom Field with wild mushroom, goat’s curd, bacon crumble, fried egg with chestnut butter on sourdough bread. The dish was certainly dedicated to those that prefer savoury over sweet and love the taste of mushrooms. Visually, the dish looked appealing but it also depicted a ‘field’ well; the white fried egg was drizzled with a line of miniature greens and crumbled bacon along with a mountain of buttered mushrooms on a sourdough bun. The egg was cooked well and was still runny and the mushrooms had a nice glaze to them the complemented the sweet goat curd.


We may also have found the go-to place for hot chocolate that is subtly sweet and oh-so-filling. The Hot Chocolate by Mork is a delicious drink that is light, fluffy, and is served at just the right temperature.


Crack Kitchen has a lot of potential in becoming one of the hottest spots in Adelaide city. As we have noticed over the past 2 months, Crack has established itself to become a favourite among the locals and tourists alike and we are excited to see this business only gain more success with each passing day. With exceptional customer service, a gorgeous and minimalistic décor, scrumptious bites and drinks, and an enticing selection of desserts, you really can’t go wrong.

Location: 13 Franklin Street, Adelaide SA 5000


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