Bay To Birdwood


Recently, Rundle Street was brought to motor-rific life with the display of a number of veteran, vintage, and classic style vehicles that stretched out to the East End corner of Adelaide CBD.

What is known as a popular place to meet among friends was turned into a different era representing the 50s and 60s. The streets were filled with swing dancing, fanciful cars, merriment all-round, and a general atmosphere that was family-friendly, fun-filled and plain fantastic! If this is just a snippet of the Bay to Birdwood run on Sunday, then we can assure you that you’re in for a treat!


Running since 1980, the Bay to Birdwood is the epitome of the motto “age is but just a number”. Strutting some of the finest motoring vehicles, this event is a platform where people from all walks of life come together as a community and celebrate the mutual love for all things vintage and classic in the automobile industry. The event is organized by the Bay to Birdwood Run Committee Inc, and incorporates the hard work of volunteers who are willing to make this event run smoothly and be a success by providing services of first aid, fire safety and security for those attending the event.

The Bay to Birdwood Run is held annually with this year taking place this upcoming weekend (September 25). Starting off in the Adelaide Hills at the crack of dawn, the beautiful and sturdy vehicles will make their way towards the National Motor Museum. Spectators can expect to enjoy the gorgeous view of the several cars, trucks, and Buicks making their way across Adelaide roads for $20 per adult or $15 for concession, which will also cover the entry into the Museum. The cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks and commercial vehicles that will be displayed at this event will have a manufacture date prior to 31 December 1959.

The event is a great family outing where kids and adults alike can be mesmerised by the colourful array of vehicles that will be scattered along spaced parks in a manner. Pack a picnic basket and bring some delicious goodies along, or have a taste of the wine and food they have on offer. Make sure you get into true spirit by dressing up in 50s-style costumes because it’s looking like a promising day full of happiness and memories ready to be created!


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